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A.H. tomlinson parbans ltd
established 1850

The name Tomlinson Parbans comprises of the names of Mr Arthur Tomlinson and Mr Charles Parrack.
Mr Walter Tomlinson (son of Arthur Tomlinson) owned the land where we now stand. During the 2nd World War, it was used as a strategic Timber Depot for the storing of Greenheart Timber which the government used to repair the Manchester Ship Canal Locks and Docks.

In approximately 1950, the yard and stock burnt to the ground. The fire could be seen as far as New Mills as the Fire Brigade tried to pump water from the canal to dowse the 50ft high flames.

The yard was re-built after the fire and Mr Tomlinson carried on as a timber merchant and joinery manufacturer.

Parbans was started in Levenshulme by Mr Charles Parrack, originally making garden sheds and asbestos garages. When Walter Tomlinson retired in 1968, Mr Gordon Parrack, the son of Charles decided to move to High Lane in order to expand his business and bought out Mr Tomlinson, who sadly died in 1970.
Mr Gordon Parrack saw the need to expand and moved into the DIY Market.

Peter Lamb joined the company in 1978 and worked with Gordon to build up the business.

The running of the company was left to Peter in 1990 and has since gone from strength to strength under his leadership focusing on high quality products and excellent customer service.

In July 2015, after a short illness, Gordon Parrack sadly passed away and ownership of the company was left to his wife Judy Parrack and his two daughters Kim and Hayley.

The remaining Parrack family continued Gordons wish for the business, keeping the same core principles that have allowed it to thrive under Peter Lambs leadership. mPeter Lamb retired in 2020 after 41 years of service with the company.

Phil Roberts was appointed by the Parrack family as a director in January 2020 and managing director in March 2020 after 23 years with the company. Phil will continue to run the company for the family keeping the same principles instilled over his years of service.

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